Phyto Toxin DataBase (PTDB)

Phyto Toxin DataBase (PTDB) is a newly constructed, freely available database that contains 2223 phytotoxins of possible ecotoxicological relevance in global, connected to 610 plant species. Phytotoxins are toxic chemicals produced by plants or plant pathogens as a result of natural biochemical processes. Plants employ them to protect themselves from predators (pests, insects, stress, and so on) and illnesses. These chemicals are frequently produced as secondary metabolites and have a wide range of properties (e.g., mode of toxicity, structure, and chemical composition) (Huiling Chen at all 25 sep 2022). We have provided 2 easy ways of accessing the data, user can direct search the single needed data in search bar or can get all the data by single click suing the browse page. To know more in advance user can click the user guide page which have summarized all the databases usage photo wisely or can download the data from download page. Further, for more updates we have fixed the active and deed moods of the previous database, by clicking the active button will bring you to the database and on deed mood will give the article of that database.

Features of Phyto Toxin